About OCD

Hello!  Thank you for your interest in my blog!  I appreciate every one of you!


 Obsessive Creative Disorder is about sharing my love to create. A love that I fondly call a compulsive love. With this blog I plan to share my creative obsessions and anything else that pops into my mind. :D I hope you enjoy.

Obsessive Creative Disorder is something that came to me because when I get into a project.. it consumes me.  I love being creative and everything about art.  I also have a special interest in psychology so the name seemed to fit me. :)

I am currently in college as a Sociology and Social Work major.

I credit all of my ability to the One who gave it to me. God is a major part of my life, and I try to continue to live for Him everyday!

I love my farm life and living in rural Wisconsin.  There is something truly fulfilling about raising your own animals and vegetables.  It's reassuring to know where my food comes from.  Natural living is also something that is important to me.  I am thankful my parents instilled these home-focused values in me!

I have an awesome Fiance who continues to support me in all I do.  If I am unsure anyone reads my blog it is comforting to know I have one fan. :)  Thanks Josh! <3

My favorite mediums of art include: paper, acrylic, canvas, food, photography, fabric, altered art.. and the list goes on!
I hope you enjoy!