Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pinterest Game

Sometimes when I’ve clicked “See more pins” more times that I’d like to share… I play little games.

Here is the first one. I’ve only met one other “Justine” and we had quite a bit in common. I wondered if other Justines out there had some shared experiences as well. I found a lot of interesting pins doing this game that I would have not normally found!

Give it a try sometime ;)

Pinterest Game

Pin this picture ^ if you’ve tried it! :)


Wednesday, March 20, 2013



Stardust is my favorite movie and I recently read the book my Neil Gaiman. Here is my favorite quote. I edited it on Photoshop elements. 

This quote describes me right now. I want to travel and bring about change! All these social work classes are getting to me, huh? :) I love it!

I’ve been trying to read two books a month and succeeded in reading Stardust and Harry Potter already. I’ve never read the series and I’ve heard you’re never too old to start. :)

Are you reading anything good?


Egg Yolk Hair Mask

Last September I made a commitment to change my lifestyle to eat healthier, as a result I usually only eat egg whites. I have always felt that tinge of guilt as toss that yolk into the garbage bin… I have found a way to remedy that problem!
While lost in the vortex of Pinterest one day, I saw a few posts about egg yolk hair masks that used egg yolks and some sort of oil.  I decided to put together egg yolks and coconut oil, which I knew to be a healthy beauty treatment anyway. 
I ended up using about 5 small egg yolks from the chickens on our farm (I have really thick hair) and 1 tsp. of coconut oil. Coconut oil is solid at room temperature so I melted it for about 45 seconds and let to cool for a minute or two, as to not make scrambled eggs when I combined it with the yolks.
After it was just a little warm I mixed it together and spread it on sectioned hair. It’s messy but the results are worth it! After your hair is all yolky tie it up and put a regular shopping bag or shower cap over it for an hour or so.
After an hour rinse it out in a tepid shower with shampoo and conditioner. I let my hair air dry but you could style it normally afterword. I was really happy with the results! When it dried it was soft and shiny. I curled the ends with my straightener and that was it. I will definitely be saving my egg yolks from now on!
I plan on using this treatment weekly to grow my hair princess length for my wedding!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Costa Rica!

This past winter break I had the opportunity to go to Costa Rica for two weeks with UW Oshkosh for a service learning class. I got to be immersed in the language and culture for two weeks and got volunteer on a cooperative. It was an awesome experience!
The Group next to some Graffiti ^ 
<  An organic farm tour

We got to visit some elderly people in a convent provided for those with families who cannot meet their needs.

Here is a quote from Mother Teresa on their wall. “The fruit of silence is prayer, the fruit of prayer is faith, the fruit of faith is love, the fruit of love is service. The fruit of service is peace.
054Our "family" in Costa Rica, they coordinated our trip.

Pico de gallo for breakfast everyday!
SONY DSC                       SONY DSC
Stray dogs :(
SONY DSC                       SONY DSC
El Mercado (The market)
Some environmental protesters

Is this not the most beautiful country in the world??SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC
The cooperative was called Coopesilenco and I was boarded with a Costa Rican family and worked in the cooperative.  I initially signed up for the class to work with children, but they were on holiday when I was there so I got to work with the animals and repaired a few monkey cages! There is an animal rescue on the cooperative that gives home to a few monkeys, birds, Costa Rican pig, and a few others. This little guy was quite friendly and has been on the cooperative since he was only a few months old when authorities took him from some people who killed his mother and were trying to sell him. :(
Overall this was an awesome trip! I learned so much from the culture and about myself. I didn’t know anyone going on this trip and I was put into some situations that were completely outside of my comfort zone.  It was a great experience for me to grow and learn about myself and about another culture.  It’s put the travel bug back in me for sure!
I got a wonderful surprise when I got back, too! Josh proposed when he picked me up! 2013 has been quite eventful for me so far! :)


Monday, March 11, 2013

I’m Engaged!


So I know its been a while… and many things have changed…

One of them is that I’m engaged! I plan on posting more on the details as I plan my wedding and as I share my DIY decorations.

Our theme is “Winter Fairyland” and the date is January 1st 2014. I plan on incorporating vintage fairytale books and a winter woodland theme. No Disney, more of a Grimm, Anderson feel.

We had the awesome James Stokes Photography take our engagement pictures! He took my crazy “fairytale” dream and make it into a reality!

Here are my favorites :)


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Check out his page and give him a “like!”

More wedding details coming soon!