Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Propose to Yourself

Not many of you know but I have been doing Weight Watchers since September 2012.  I really love the program and it actually works no matter how much you have to loose. I've also been doing Tone It Up for fitness as well and have been inspired by the TIU Team and the amazing trainers Karena and Katrina! Once I reach my goal weight I'll do a post about each.

Last weeks Weight Watcher meeting's topic was about choosing an anchor to look at when you feel like giving up to remind yourself why you started and the goals you have.  Some people had inner anchors like their grandchildren and others had physical anchors.  One person said that her wedding ring was her anchor. 
I thought to myself and realized that my engagement ring was not my anchor.  I know I have a wedding dress to fit into and I have certain expectations to life up to as a “bride.”  But I needed something to anchor myself to that will last.  So I proposed to myself! I made myself a simple ring out of 26 gauge wire and a heart bead to remind me of my commitment to myself.  It reminds me to not only keep my health goals in mind, but also my other goals and dreams too. 

I put it on my right middle finger so I can always see it when I reach for something.  I’ll look at my ring and think “Will this thing help or hurt me?”  It could be a food choice, things I purchase, or the hand I lend to help others.  


What anchors you?

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Dicky Bird said...

A good post. I like the insight not only about "bad" choices but good ones too like helping others.