Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Vintage Military Bag Upcycle


At a flea market I picked up about twenty vintage military bags.  The man selling them had a sign that said “Man Purses.” :)   For Christmas I decided to fancy one up for my mom.  I took vintage buttons and made an American Flag pattern.  I used quilting thread which is extra thick and then I glued a piece of fabric to the back to avoid the thread being cut on accident.  It took me a long time, but I think it turned out well. :)


Making Christmas presents saves money and I think make better presents anyway.  I just had to wait to post it to my blog so I wouldn’t ruin the surprise ;)

Did you make any Christmas presents? 



Dicky Bird said...

I Love it and I Love you.

First said...

I agree homemade presents are the best. I made homemade picture frame mattes this year out of cereal boxes and fabric; LoVe them!
I really like what you did to this bag!