Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Have you had your veggies?


The semester is almost over!  I am SO sorry for the long delay in posts :(  I plan on doing much more during my break! :)


I am not one of those people who really enjoy eating my vegetables...  So to trick myself, I did something a little different. 

Here is something I tried with the carrots from my family’s garden that my mom and I dug up late fall.  I cleaned them then juiced them and put the carrot juice into a mini muffin tin.  Now every time I make a smoothie I plop a frozen carrot “muffin” into my smoothies.  It’s really good! :) 



Other add ins I use are raspberries and strawberries I froze.  Sometimes it can be hard to use up all of the fruit before they go bad.  Next time lay the fresh berries on a cookie sheet and throw it in the freezer.  When they are hard put them in a Ziploc.  It works great! 


Thank you everyone who is still following me and bearing with me! I love you!