Friday, September 30, 2011

OCD Photography


I’ve stated my new blog! :D

It’s called OCD Photography

So far this summer and fall my focus has been taking senior pictures for my younger sister, Anna.  I think most of them turned out pretty well. :)

Here is one of my posts with her pictures. It’s called

…  The Chicken Collection

Click on the link for the full post.  Here’s a little preview


Thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Reusable “Ziploc” Bag

I’ve seen these on Etsy and around the Blog World.  It’s a reusable snack bag that I plan to put in my purse for any quick snacks I need. :)
All I used to make this was cotton fabric, vinyl, Velcro, my sewing machine, and some rick-rack.
In order to make it reusable and easy to wash, all of the seams have to be on the outside. So I sewed the Vinyl and cotton together to make two squares and then sewed the Velcro to the tops of the squares. Then I sewed both squares together on the outside, leaving the Velcro ends unsewed.
Then I folded the fabric in to make a clean edge (above) and sewed the rick-rack to pretty it up. :)
Shiny vinyl that will be easy to clean when I turn it inside out!

Here is a great tutorial done by Anna of Anna Can Cook.
   Her’s turned out great!  Check it out here: Reusable Ziploc Bag.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ribbon Organizer out of Recycled Baby Food Jars


So it turns out all this time I thought I had.. Yea.. Not so much.

So I’m sorry It’s been so long. :(

If you remember, I work at a daycare in the infant room.  And I hate throwing away those cute little baby food containers. 

So I threw them in the dishwasher and spray painted them.


Here is my previous ribbon storage…


I cut a hole and lined it with purple tape. 

Then I filled it with the ribbon.


The leaning tower of Gerber containers :)


Is there anything you just can throw away? :)


Monday, September 12, 2011


I’m pretty excited about most of my classes this semester! The one I am most excited for is Organic Botany.  I can’t wait to get into more of the topics! It’s all about Organic agriculture and also the sociological aspects of the organic choice. I’m excited! 

Speaking or organic, I've been enjoying some of the the delicious veggies my mom and I planted in our garden!  I think it always tastes better knowing where it came from. :)
Here is a picture of some of our tomatoes! Check out what my mom has to say about them on her blog.
Do you think its important to buy local/organic?


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to School


Today I started my sophomore year at University Wisconsin Marathon County.  Not too excited but I must admit I love having a schedule again.  I actually find more time for blogging when I have a schedule laid out and I have time set aside.  Whether that time was meant for homework I can’t be accountable for… ;) Summer is great but I am sort of glad to be back :)

Here is a Discover Yourself quiz in honor of my return to class.  :)

Click on the label “Discover Yourself” to see more quizzes.

discover yourself

Question: Which of the following pets would you choose from the pet store?

A. Dog

B. Cat

C. Fish

D. Bird

E. Mouse

F. Turtle

















A. You are friendly, honest, and kind.

B. You like to live by your own rules.

C. You are a good listener and a good speaker.

D. You love nature and freedom.

E. You are shy and try to avoid the spotlight.

F. You are self-confident and are not swayed by others. 


I hope you discovered something new about yourself! :)