Thursday, June 2, 2011

Horse Grooming

Jack, my horse, has not been immune to the effects of Wisconsin’s very wet spring.  Now that its drier it’s time to brush off the dead winter coat!    


 My Secret Weapon in horse grooming…
The zoom groom! This tool is made for dogs and can be found at most pet stores but it works wonders on a mud matted coat.

First step:
Use the zoom groom or regular curry comb and brush the horse in a circular motion uprooting all dander and dead hair.
This is the part that bothers my allergies. :p

Second Step:
Use a stiff bristle brush and forcefully brush away the hair and dirt toward the back of the horse.


Third step:
Use a soft bristle brush to polish off the coat.


End with brushing out the mane and tail and picking out the hooves.


What a pretty boy! :)


Dicky Bird said...

He is pretty!

Allison at Novice Life said...

Beautiful! My horses are STILL shedding out their winter coats!

Alana Jo said...

He is beautiful!

Teresa said...

So sleek and shiny after that good brushing. We're all still shedding around here!