Sunday, June 26, 2011

Healthy Pizza

I had the best pizza a few months back.  You know the kind you dream about.. oh ya. :)  And the best part was it was super healthy! My boyfriend’s mom made it the first time, and it was better than Papa Murphy's! :)
So I decided to recreate it…
I used a regular bread dough recipe, actually I used my homemade whole wheat dough one.
I rolled it out, poked with a fork to prevent bubbles, and baked until just about done.
Then I dressed it with tomato sauce, shredded cabbage (Its really good!), broccoli, onions, peppers, and all that good stuff.  Finally I put just a little mozzarella cheese and poked it into the oven until melted.


I’ll be linking to these parties…


Josh said...

It looks great! I love when we make our own pizzas a lot more than any other kind.

Ashley said...

looks delicious! i have never made my own pizza. but maybe ill have to try cause this looks yummy yummy!!
thanks for linkin!!