Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dress Makeover!

This dress was just frankly ill fitting. it made ANYONE look pregnant.  This high empire waist look works for some.. not for me! 
So here is my makeover!
Picnik collagedress2
You will need: A sewing machine, elastic thread, color coordinating top thread, and elastic lace
Picnik collagedress

  1.         1.  First I detached the bra part from the skirt.
  3.         2. Then I cut about a foot wide of the skirt off.

       3. Then hand wind the bobbin with the elastic cord.
                              handwind    source
                     Leave the top thread and sew a zig zag. The elastic does the rest!
        4. Keep sewing!


  1.       5. Cut the piece that was off the original skirt and sew so that it is as long as the rest of the skirt. (Not pictured).
  2.       Sew the long band to the top of the skirt    and zig zag over the hem.


          6. Sew the elastic lace across the V neck. (optional)


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Ashley said...

very cool, i love it

BluBabesCreate said...

Great job!

Blessed Momma said...

Good idea! This is why I wish I wasnt so scared of the sewing machine lol. I like your blog, cute name :)