Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Making Your Own Patterned Fabric Tutorial

I love working with fabric but sometimes I need something unique that I can't find at a fabric store.
So I make it myself!
All you need are:
* A quality ink printer
* Light colored fabric
* An Iron
* Freezer paper
* A computer
* And some creativity!
Cut out small squares of light colored fabric
Cut out the same size squares of freezer paper

Shiny side up
Iron the fabric to the shiny side of the freezer paper

Cut off any rough edges
Place the fabric square in the printer FABRIC SIDE DOWN and slide the bar to fit it

Bring up your desired picture on any word processor program and center it
Tip: You may want to run a normal piece of paper through just to see if you have it centered
Iron the ink side again

Peel off the freezer paper and iron again
All done!
I have used this technique in many projects such as:
           Quilting (see below)
Card making
and many more to come!
Here is my Paris quilt that I posted about earlier
Here are some parties I linked to:



liZ evans said...

What a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

Justine said...


Tink's Spin said...

ha,, i lv it,, obsessive creative disorder, that's way I have all this crafts stuff here there and everywhere lol, I feel so much better now, Is there a 12 step program for people like us ? your site is awesome, Tink

Christine - Tutorial Addict lol said...

WOW! I hadn't thought of doing this! And I LOVE me some freezer paper. This opens up SOOOO many

Justine said...

Thanks everyone!