Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sweat Skirt..

An old pair of sweat pants
+ a sewing machine
+ scissors
= a new skirt

Not sure if I like the sound of "Sweat Skirt" ..since sweating isn't very attractive... but you guys get the idea. ;)

I liked the lacy bottoms to these pants but the faux-velvet  material just wasn't that flattering as pants.. so I snip snip sniped and voila, a skirt!


                        Step 1: Cut off the top

Step 2: Cut open the legs

Step 3: Cut the seam between the top part at the sides and match with a pant leg.

Step 4: Set it all out


Step 5: Sew up the seam on both sides and at the waist.

All done!


Christal said...

I wish I knew how to run a sewing machine! Looks great!

Justine said...


AveryRay said...

In the famous words of Tony the Tiger. They'rrrrre Great!!!