Saturday, April 23, 2011

Prom Hair Tutorial!

My little sister Anna had her junior prom last weekend. Here is a tutorial of how I did her hair. :)
    Don't you love her red hair?



Start with clean, dry hair pinning about 2/3 up.

Curl the bottom 1/3.  I prefer the clamp-less kind. 
They are easy to make too!

It's curled :)

Bring down the next third and curl.

Curl the top.

Creating the pouf.
Put a few curls on the top to the side.
Take a small amount of hair from the middle and roll from the bottom up and pin.  I'm not a fan of teasing, this is an alternative.
Pin the top curls over the pouf and put on a cute headband.

She's all ready!

Pretty huh? :)

Happy Birthday Anna!

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