Tuesday, December 7, 2010



Here are some photos I took of my cat, Pumpkin to enter in the Marathon County Fair.  I am in 4-H and i do this every year but this year I got a Merritt ribbon! :D It was my first Merritt in my 13 years...I was pretty proud..

I took these photos with my Nikon Cool pix Camera (below).  I ppersonally love it.  I heard it described as a step below the huge D40 etc. and a step above a regular point and shoot.
When I took these pictures of Pumpkin I had to get creative with my positioning.  I was on my stomach, crouched down below her on a bench, and I even had to chase her down a few times.  What can i say? I'm obsessed..

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Dicky Bird said...

Pumpkin is so cute! I love the one of her paw.