Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Supernatural Murder Mystery Halloween Party!

Dean and Sam! <3

This year for Halloween I decided to combine my love for Supernatural (TV show on the CW) and my love for decorating.  The results: one pretty cool party and one obsessed Justine.  For those who don't know. Supernatural is a show about two (attractive) brothers who roam about the country putting evil to rest.  Whether that be ghosts, demons, vampires...  So i decided to make a Murder Mystery Party shaped around this plot.  Except you are the hunter and need to exterminate the evil foe who murdered the innocent person.  The night included surveying the place where the murder took place (in a tent wayy out in my woods.. that was scary enough!) a chance to"research" what it could have been.  (In the Supernatural book of creatures and in the folders I made) and digging up graves!  This was one of my favorite party's Ive thrown for sure!

A shelf with old bottles and fur on the wall to give a "hunter" vibe

A shelf with hat forms i spray painted and a key chandelier.  Also a branch i spray painted and put in a pot. And the "blood" punch fountain.

Scary doll!

Me and my boyfriend.  I was the mourning friend of the girl who was murdered. 

The tree

An owl i purchased at a flea market. I painted the eyes black to make it creepier.

The "chandler" and heads

Keys I also purchased at a flea market.  It reminds me of the "Skeleton Key"

Old pictures.  Black and white. Creepy.

Here's a lamp that i put an antique doll in.

Files I made to showcase each ghost.

Each ghost was a Wisconsin murder.  This one is Jeffery Dahmer.

The scavenger hunt list!

They Had to collect the right cards to win.  This included weapon cards and the gravestone card of the murderer.

More creepy pictures.
The table.  I covered it with black wrapping paper.  Also the walls have Martha Stewart bug silhouettes sold at craft stores and old barn windows to cover the plain walls.

The book for research.


Franklin said...

Wow very creepy, you seem like such a nice girl; who knew you were so...warped and twisted.

Dicky Bird said...

I like your creative style.....(smile). LOVE the pic of the key!

Justine said...

Haha thanks guys :)

curtis03 Lewis said...

OMG!! What an outstanding Halloween party. Simply in love with these best arrangements. Thanks for sharing this post here. Will use your brilliant ideas in arranging my mystery party at one of venue New York. Wish to have a horror party.